Activity 104:   Felt Flower Brooch

We started off our new block of sewing classes today with pretty felt flower brooches. You can use these to decorate bags and coats, or have them around the house as little decorations.

You Will Need: 

  • Coloured Felt: Around 30cm x 10cm

  • Green Felt: Around 10cm x 20cm

  • A Brooch Pin

  • Sewing Thread

  • A Sewing Needle


Step by step guide:


Gather your materials together.


Start to roll the flower up, adding stitches to secure it in place.


Fold the coloured felt in half.


Cut out a few leaves. These can be any size or shape. 


Along the folded side, made cuts towards the edge, without going right to the end. These should be around 1cm apart. 


Sew on the leaves and brooch pin - if you are using one. Put on your lovely new brooch! 

If you make a Felt Flower Brooch please send us a photo!