Activity 11: Homemade Body Scrub

A good few years ago we made some home made scrubs with some of the groups. Kirsty Allsopp made a lovely and simple scrub in one of her episodes. Vanessa has made her own version of that: perhaps you would like to do the same?



  • Used Ground Coffee

  • Orange Peal

  • Sea Salt or Sugar

  • Olive Oil

  • Empty Jar with Lid

  • A large Bowl for mixing

  • A Spoon


What to do:

Step 1.


Gather all your materials: an empty tub, a bowl, a spoon and all the ingredients (see above).

Salt and Pepper
Homemade jam

Step 2.


Peal 1 whole orange skin and put in the food processer. If like me you don’t have that - grating your orange skin (keep it on the orange) works just as well.


Step 3.


Add two teaspoons of ground coffee. Dry from the jar has a nice effect but you can also use already used (then dried up) coffee ground.


Step 4.


Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and a table spoon of sea salt into the mixture.


Step 5.


That’s it ready! It will smell amazing. You can use it straight away-by scrubbing it gently onto your skin. Remember it is not a cream, therefore you need to fully wash it off as the coffee grind will otherwise give you a fake tan that you might not want!

You can keep it in the fridge for a few days to keep it fresh and usable.



There are lots of different recipes out there and I would recommend you make you own - as you may not wish to have too much sea salt as or more orange peel. You can use this recipe as a basic recipe to start of with.

Take a look at the suggestions in the photo of things you could add!


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!