Activity 110:   Spool Knitting

Following on from last week, this time try another method of knitting - using a knitting spool. 

We tried this in our Canvas Names class this week.

You Will Need: 

  • A Knitting Spool

  • Wool

  • Toothpick or crochet tool


Step by step guide:


Pull your wool through the hole in the spool. You can push it through with a knitting needle, crochet hook or thin stick.


Hold the bottom thread with your left hand (if right handed).


Now start by wrapping the wool around the steal pins. From the inside out.


Each pin should have wool wrapped around it, leaving a crossover of the wool visible from the top.


Now you place the wool onto the front, above the wrapped wool. Hold this wool with your right hand.


With your toothpick place the bottom wool over the top wool, by hooking it over the steal pin.


Repeat this process over and over- this is called spool knitting.


Once you have gone around each pin about 3 or 4 times, you need to pull the bottom thread to allow the knitting to drop down into the hole and create space to continue the knitting process.


To finish it off: cut your wool about 10 cm to create an end. You continue the same hooking over process but now each hook gets finished by pulling the 10 cm wool through - creating a gentle finish.

If you try Spool Knitting, please send us a photo!