Activity 116:   Leaf Plate  Decorating

This week we are revisiting Plate Decorating - this time with more emphasis on the drawing skills.

You can see our first blog with instructions for setting the pattern here.

You Will Need: 

  • White Plate

  • Black Sharpie Pen

  • Paper (to try out your drawings)

  • Oven


Step by step guide:


Draw the first line, don’t think about it- just draw one line as shown on the photo.


Draw another line to add onto the first line.


Draw side lines to indicate the nerves of the leave.


Now draw the nerves as close together as you like- the density gives a lovely effect but in turn so does the simplicity of less lines. A personal choice.


Draw a line in the middle of the 2 lines.

Colour in the lines, or not, again personal choice.

Now repeat this a couple of times on the paper and become more confident in your drawing skills.


Once you are more confident, you can start drawing straight onto the plate.

You could add little squiggles or little circles - anything you fancy.

If you try this, please send us a photo!