Activity 126:   Floating Roses

We have made rose trees in our online classes. You can see some gorgeous examples on the gallery page.

You Will Need: 

  • Foam Roses

  • Polystyrene Ball

  • Glue Gun

  • Elastic Thread

  • 1 pin


Step by step guide:


Glue your roses on with the glue on the rose – it makes it easier to add onto the ball.


Position your polystyrene ball in order to start your first row of roses onto 1 line. From there you can glue on each rose next to it.


Once you have nearly glued on each rose, leave space to attach your elastic thread.


Attach your elastic thread onto the pin with a double knot. Pop the pin into the top part of the polystyrene.


Finish adding all your flowers.

Hang your floating roses up for all to enjoy!

If you try this, please send us a photo!