Activity 134:  Geometric Wire Wreaths

I got shown how to make this geometric wreath a good few years ago and love making them; order and creativity - what’s not to love?!

You Will Need: 

  • Straws

  • A full roll of wire

  • Scissors


To Make One Section:


Take 4 straws and cut between 2-3M of wire.

Wire Wreath 1_edited.jpg

Bead the straws on into the shape of a diamond. Attach through wire.


Bead 2 more straws onto the diamond (as shown). Repeat this until you have 5 legs in total. Attach through wire.


Go back through one of the straws with your wire.

Wire Wreath 2_edited.jpg

Now attach one straw onto this. Then attach through wire and repeat this until all except one of those legs has an extra straw.


Repeat this another 7 times so that in total you should have 8 shapes.

To Assemble the Wreath:


Lay each shape on the floor or table with the open side to the right.


Do this with all and you will get the wreath shape with lots of wires hanging left over still. The wreath will feel floppy.


Each shape should be able to be attached to each other one.


To secure the wreath, use your left over wire and start attaching a back straw onto each shape, connecting to each other. The wreath should feel sturdy now.


You attach them by using the left over wire and go through the back straw of the next shape.


You could decorate the wreath with fairy lights or with seasonal items. Enjoy!

If you try this, please send us a photo!