Activity 137:  Felt Watermelon

Make a pretty little desk decoration with a fun summer theme. We tried this in one of our recent online sewing classes.

You Will Need: 

  • Green Felt - 15xm x 20cm

  • Pink Felt - 10cm x 15cm

  • Black Felt Scrap

  • Stuffing

  • Thread 

  • Sewing Needle

  • Scissors

  • Pattern

Watermelon 4.png
Watermelon 6.png
Watermelon 5.png

Step by step guide:

Watermelon 1.png

Cut out your templates.

Watermelon 2.png

Use the templates to cut a green felt circle, green felt oval and pink circle. Cut 6 little seed shapes from the black felt. 

Watermelon 3.png

Sew your black seeds onto the pink circle, thinking about how it will look when folded.

Watermelon 4.png

Put your pink circle on top of the green circle and sew it in place using your preferred stitch.

Watermelon 5.png

Fold your circle in half, taking into account the placement of your seeds. Place your green oval underneath the folded circle and start to stitch it together, leaving a gap.

Watermelon 6.png

Stuff your watermelon and sew up the gap to secure the watermelon together.

If you try this, please send us a photo!