Activity 138:  Diamond Painting

Pick up a diamond painting kit from places like The Works or Home Bargains and make yourself a bright and glam decoration.

You Will Need: 

  • A Diamond Painting Kit

  • Scissors

  • Small Plastic Bags


Step by step guide:


Lay everything out on the table.


Decide in which order you will start the diamonds: either alphabetic or numeral order or in rows. If you decide the latter, you will have to make sure you have enough small bags or tubs to put each colour in.


Take off one side of the cellophane off your pink glue pad. Take off only a small part of your cellophane paper, to start your diamond painting.


Place your diamonds into the tray. Give it a shake to ensure all diamond sides are facing up.


Use your ‘pen’ to dip into the glue and pick up a diamond. Now place the diamond on the corresponding number (the number that is on the diamond pack).


Continue this with all packs, until your painting is finished 😊

If you try this, please send us a photo!