Activity 139:  Flower Corner Bookmarks

Use up left over felt and fabric scraps to make a cute little bookmark.

You Will Need: 

  • Felt: 20cm x 10cm

  • Fabric: 5cm x 5cm

  • Embroidery Thread

  • Template


Step by step guide:


Prepare your materials and cut out your paper template.


Cut out 2 of the larger flower and 2 of the central fabric piece.


Sew the central piece to the flower by stitching along the curve. A running stitch or back stitch would look good here.


Place both sides together and start to sew along the straight edges. A blanket stitch would work well for this.


When done, neaten up the petal edges with scissors if required.


Slide your bookmark over the corner of a book page so that you can mark your place.

If you try this, please send us a photo!