Activity 140:  Gallery Visits

This particular blog post is inspired by the leaflets created by the National Galleries Scotland.

They have new exhibitions on, for which you can book time slots.

Try using some of their suggestions to engage with art.

They are fun and informative ways of getting all your senses involved.

You Will Need: 

  • A Normal HB pencil

  • A Notebook or White Paper

  • The National Galleries Scotland Resources (see below)

Jewelry Sketches

Step by step guide:

  • Book a slot to go to an exhibition.

  • Choose one picture when inside.

  • Apply the suggestions / questions onto this picture.

  • And maybe you would like to sketch the subject matter or the essence of the subject matter too? Please refer back to our previous Drawing Blog for this.

Ideas for starting a conversation about art: Resources


Use Your Senses

Take a Closer Look

See Think Wonder

If you try this, please send us a photo!