Activity 16: Rainbow Coloured Drawings

This drawing tutorial will link our rainbow theme for this week together with nature - something that you will see a lot of throughout our post packs.

Vanessa has created this fun and calming tutorial which you can do in many different ways, using inspiration from the nature you see around you. 

Why not try and create a few of these to make a collection?


  • 1 Piece of Paper

  • Pencils. Pastels or Chalk

  • Scissors / Hairspray (If you are using chalk)


Step 1.


Gather all your materials: 1 piece of paper, pencils or if you have soft pastels (or chalk) please use this. If using chalk, you will also need scissors and hairspray.


Step 2.


Place your drawing either horizontally or portrait style.


Step 3.

Now create your background. With the chalk use the inside of the scissors to scrape off dust particles of the chalk, this will allow you to make a streak free, atmospheric background.


Step 4.

Start by drawing your green stems, be free in the way you draw- it’s all about enjoying the colours.

Step 5.


Now draw your flowers, create a different movement for each flower head. This will allow you to create different expressions within your drawing and it will become unique. Nobody needs to know what flower it represents- as the artist Paul Klee said:

"Art does not reproduce what we see, it makes us see"


I hope you enjoy making this and please send us photos of what you have made!


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!