Activity 17: Sew Your Own Triangle Bag

This wonderfully easy yet complicated looking bag is a pleasure to make. This week I would also like to mention a little about the background process; how the triangle bag spotted on Pinterest became a finished product. Pinterest will often show you how to make something, this time no pattern was provided. I tried to work out how to make the triangle bag by trying out different approaches through paper. Unfortunately this didn’t get me very far.


Luckily I have 2 very crafty friends who enjoy nothing more than solving a craft mystery on a Saturday night. Within minutes 2 videos were uploaded showing me exactly what to do - step by step. Mystery solved and happy crafting got started!



  • 2 Pieces of Felt

  • Thread

  • A Sewing Needle (or Sewing Machine)

  • Drawing Chalk

  • Scissors

  • A Ruler


Step 1.


Gather all your materials: 2 pieces of felt, thread, sewing needle (or sewing machine), drawing chalk, scissors and a ruler.

Step 2.


The bag has 2 sides, 30 cm square is needed for both pieces of felt. 

Step 3.


Now cut the handles out of the bag. It is 3 cm wide and 7 cm in length. (I made the handle in my first bag, the yellow one, far too big!)


Step 4.

Sew the 2 felt panels together on the left hand and right hand side. Leaving the top and bottom open.

Step 5.

Now ‘open’ the bag, then flatten it to the side. You should now have a seem coming straight down the middle. Now add pins to the bottom of the bags, ready to start sewing.

Step 6.


Sew the bottom of the bag together.

Step 7.


Now take your bag inside out and your seems should then be on the inside.


This is what the bag looked like on Pinterest:

Mine may not look that good on the photos but it is absolutely a ‘Pinterest gone very well’ project!

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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