Activity 19:  Pour Painting


As with everything - it is all about trial and error. I have taken pictures of my first pour painting which did not go to plan. When researching how to make a drip painting, it said to use acrylic paint. Don’t. Just use the paint that I always refer to as the ‘crappy paint’, the cheaper the better. The cheaper paint must have more water in it which is a liquid quality you need in this process.



  • A Wooden Board or Canvas

  • A Hair Dryer

  • 3 Colours of Paint (One should be white) at approximately half a cup each


Step 1.


Gather all your materials: a prepped wooden board or canvas to paint on. You will need a hair dryer, 3 colours of paint, please include white as one of your colours. You’ll need 3 x half a plastic cup full of paint for a medium sized canvas (50x60cm).


Step 2.


Place all your materials on an old waterproof tablecloth.

Red Dot Fabric

Step 3.

Pour your first colour (not the white) onto the middle of the canvas.


Step 4.

Pour your second colour (not the white) into the middle of your first colour. You may decide to use less than half of your cup of paint of this colour.


Step 5.


Now pour the white paint around the first colour (see photo). I used white emulsion which I watered down on a 2/3 paint, 1/3 water ratio.



Step 6.


Now start by using the hair dryer (put it on the cold setting if you have one) on one side of the painting. This should move the paint towards one side. Then make a quick decision and use the hairdryer to push the paint to another side, you can repeat this a few times until you are happy with the painting. Step 6 should only take a minute or so.



Step 7.


Now simply leave your painting to dry.

Please take a photo and show us your expressive creation!



If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!