Activity 20: Cross Stitch 

Cross stitching initially requires a strong focus but it’s repetitive nature then allows you to relax.

I have added lots of cross stitch patterns onto the Pinterest board. If you decide to follow a pattern you may wish to follow these guidelines.

If you decide, like me not to hold onto a pattern please know that cross stitching can be done on anything that has holes in it really: old lace curtains, chicken-wire or a sieve. Once we are all back in Gallery 966 I would love to make a huge cross stitch pattern with all the groups in chicken-wire and have it as our window display - wouldn’t that be fabulous!



  • Aida (Cross Stitch Fabric) or an alternative listed above.

  • A Cross Stitch Pattern - Have a look at our Pinterest Page for Ideas!

  • Coloured Thread

  • A Sewing Needle



Step 1.

Gather all your materials: a blunt needle/ cross stitch needle, cross stitch thread or wool if doing it on chicken-wire. And you will a surface to cross stitch on to.


Step 2.


Make a knot into the thread and start your first stitch at the back.

Thin Yarns

Step 3.


There is a great tutorial for beginners from this website.

Follow the guide to learn the steps. Simply apply this to the pattern and watch your picture appear!

Cross Stitch Avocados.jpg

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!