Activity 22: Watercolour Doodle Drawing


Combining different art methods can give amazing results. For this tutorial, Vanessa has used both watercolour painting and doodling with pens to create a landscape inspired craft piece.

The blended colours of the sky section contrast with the strong lines of the doodling to give a striking image.

This is a calming and enjoyable activity that you can do in many different ways. We hope you enjoy giving it a try.



  • Good Paper

  • Watercolour Paints

  • A Felt Tip Pen

  • Paintbrushes

  • A Ruler


Step 1.

Gather all your materials: good paper, any water colour paint (stick to 2 colours if unsure), thin felt tip pen, paintbrushes and ruler.


Step 2.


Prepare your watercolour if it is in a tube by putting a tiny drop in a jar and adding a bit of water to it. If you have a watercolour pallet, wet the colours you are looking to use with a separate paintbrush for each colour.

Water color paints

Step 3.


Start painting your sky at the top of your paper. You could simply pour the paint onto the paper and gentle brush it where you would like it to be. Or use your paintbrush for the whole sky.


Step 4.


Leave the sky to dry.


Step 5.


Once fully dry, start drawing your mountains with the ruler and felt tip pen. You may wish to use the example of the sleeping giant, which might be visible from some of your homes!


Step 6.


Colour in the mountains with a different pattern for each peak, or as I have done at the bottom of each hill. Doodling can be effective in regulating your breathing- send your awareness to this and you will find yourself calming down with each breath you take.


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!