Activity 31: Geometric Islamic Art


For our world culture week, give this beautiful geometric colouring tutorial a try!



  • Paper

  • Ruler,

  • HB pencil and ideally a 5B pencil (if not use the same pencil but press harder at certain lines)

  • Colouring in pencils.


Step 1.

To establish a pattern rather than a single ‘tile’, you will need to measure out 6 x 10 by 10 cm squares next to each other. It you have squared paper, it would be much easier to use that.

Step 2.


Draw a line vertically as well as horizontally in the square. This should leave you with 4 x 5 by 5 cm squares in each original square.

Step 3.


Now make a cross in each square by drawing a line to either corner.

Step 4.


Now put a dot at half on the small square and draw a line to the middle of the big square, repeat this in every square.

Step 5.


You will now start to see lots of patterns emerging.

Step 6.


With the 5B pencil (or simple press harder on your pencil) make a smaller square into the square.

Step 7.


This is where you start to create lines into the star you have created in each square. Mine was already no longer straight- therefore I would use the thinner/ lighter pencil now again.

Step 8.


I have added extra lines where I thought it would look good- you may wish to do the same.

Step 9.


Choose your colours wisely. Perhaps stick to blues, greens and yellow. The patterns emerge much clearer when the colours are similar as you will see on the photos.


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!