Activity 34: Glitter Cake


This week, our collection craft pack has contained a starter kit for cake decorating. Inspired by this, Vanessa had a go creating her own glitter cake at home. Though Vanessa doesn't seem too impressed with the result, I think it looks delicious and would happily eat the entire thing myself.


  • Cake - from the shop or make your own if you can.

  • Icing or Buttercream

  • Edible cake decorating glitter

  • Anything else you like that could be used to decorate.

We have cake decorating kits left, so pick one up from Gallery 966!


Glitter Cake Decorating


A classic Pinterest disaster. They make it look so easy. Yet it is not.

Step 1 is getting the cake evenly decorated with the buttercream. Any avid bakers out there…could you tell me where I went wrong? I bought a ready made buttercream and a ready made cake. When applying the buttercream with a butterknife the cake started to come off every time I would lift my knife. With those chunks out, I started more gentle on the other side. This seemed to work better. Then it was just a simple matter of spraying and shaking the glitter on. THAT part was easy.



So, do you buy a ready iced cake and spray the glitter on, knowing that it is not fully ‘glued’ on? Or is there a knack to applying the buttercream that you lovely bakers know of?


Either way we would love to see some of your decorated cupcakes from your collection packs - please share your photos!


Get your cake.

Prepare buttercream.

Pipe into lines

Add edible glitter.

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!