Activity 35: Getting Started with Drawing

Philip Guston was a self taught artist, who went on a self exploration tour within his own style of art. He eventually decided he was going to simply draw what he liked. Click here to see a gallery of his work.

Although his drawing titled “shoes” may not be your cuppa, it is important to recognise that any object can be painted, sculpted and created in lots of different ways.


Why not try drawing or painting something you like?



Draw your object upside down

Draw shading around your object (keep your object clear)

Draw your object in one continues line

Squeeze your eyes and draw only the dark parts of your object

By following any of those tricks above- you will quickly get the object on paper. Remember that there is no need to judge yourself - if everyone could draw like Leonardo da Vinci, the world would be a boring place.

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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