Activity 38: Lace Bunting

When coming together we like to make our home look pretty and inviting. Why not use old lace (mine are old curtains) and use a nice ribbon to finish it off neatly.



  • Good material scissors

  • Pins

  • Sewing machine (I think it’s trickier to sew lace by hand, but it is doable).

  • Measuring tape

  • Lace

  • Ribbon


Step 1.

Iron the lace.

Step 2.


Measure your first flag of bunting. It does not have to be overly precise, as it could look slightly off size due to the nature of the fabric.

Step 3.


Choose your ribbon and start pinning the ribbon onto the individual flags. Fold your ribbon over each side of the flag. You can leave the top of the bunting without a ribbon finish.

Step 4.


Now sew your ribbon onto the bunting.

Step 5.


Sew your flags all together by creating the bunting effect through the ribbon folded over each flag (see pictures). Leave a space between each flag or not, this depends on your preference. Isn’t it pretty??

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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