Activity 4: Easter Decoration

This is a lovely, positive spring inspired activity from Vanessa. If you give it a go, it should keep you busy for quite a while.



  • Sticks

  • Ribbon, paper or paint

  • Food Decorations (like mini eggs, nuts or raisins)

  • The spring biscuits from Activity 3 (optional)

  • A holder, such as a large glass or vase.

  • Any easter decorations you may have.

The palmpasen cross finds its origins in religion. Nowadays it is a tradition in many households to make the cross to give to someone who is either not feeling well, or to let someone know you are thinking about them. In the current circumstances we all need a little bit of this. Hence my suggestion for you to make it for yourself or safely to do so for a neighbour. 

There is a reason for every item on the cross, all of them again can be found in religion but I would like us to interpret it in a more personal manner. For example; choose colours that make you feel good, choose food that you would like to eat and use any materials you have lying around the house. 

If you wish to add home made biscuits to your decoration, have a look at Activity 3 to learn how to make these.

Step 1 

Now we start with making the cross. This can be from sticks you have found on your daily walk or anything you have in the house. 

Tie your sticks together with some thread or rope to ensure it is steady. 


Step 2

Now decorate the cross with either ribbon, crepe paper or paint them. 





Step 3

Allow some ribbon or thread to create a loop. This can be used as decoration or to hang some food items on. (see some example of the Pinterest board)


Step 4

Add any food decorations you may wish. Traditionally the 12 peanuts represent the apostles, I think it is a good item to thread and the peanuts stay protected in their shell - therefore they are edible. Raisins can also be threaded (more difficult as they are sticky), are light and look nice. Anything will do- if you have any ideas or suggestions please send them over for the blog!

I added some rosemary to the cross as this is what I had available to me, but originally it would be a twig to represent spring, so again anything will do!


Step 5

Make sure your cross can balance, I added chocolate eggs in the bottom of the vase as it was toppling over. I then added more easter items to the table to bring spring inside the home!


The whole activity can take up most of your day (including the baking). You can choose to make it more difficult by making a bread hen: 

Or make it easier by eliminating the baking part all together.


Either way I hope you have fun and spread some joy whilst making it! 

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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