Activity 40: Research Project: Perception and Art

This week’s blog activities can be seen and used to inspire you to think differently in order to actively do that ‘make over’.

For many artists the question of perception and the impact of perception and opinion is central to their work. It can lead to interesting debates and even life changing outcomes.


One of those artists is Titus Kaphar- who asked the question: “Can art amend history?”.

Titus Kaphar copied a painting of the Dutch 17th century painter Frans Hals, and amended it by highlighting the boy, whom in Frans Hals’ painting belonged more to the background for several reasons like race, in that time. By amending the painting - not erasing - Titus Kaphar asks us to look differently at the story the painting is telling us. A ‘make over’ for the mind.

This Ted Talk is well worth a watch. Titus paints over his copied painting whilst he talks about his reasoning for doing so. A very powerful piece.

Colorful Pattern

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