Activity 41: Create a Collage

Now to create our own ‘make over’ I thought I would suggest a collage. We have all created a collage in the classes at one point. So you’ll know you can use anything and everything- a collage can be 2D with different types of paper or a collage could be 3D with elements popping out.


There is initially a lot of freedom involved in a collage.

Once you get started you try to follow on from your previous step- there is no need to look back if you think you have made a mistake just work with it. Like in life.



  • Scraps of paper etc

  • Scissors

  • Stick glue (use only a little as the paper will bubble up otherwise)

  • A board to glue your collage onto.



Start by cutting/ tearing out the pictures or colours you would like to use.


Place them into the composition you would like; just puzzle them together until you are happy.


Glue the paper on one by one.


You may wish to use pen, marker or stickers to pull your collage together at the end.

Here are a few examples from the internet. Sources are: Trendland, Google and Pinterest.


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!