Activity 49: Flower Arranging

With the weather turning grey, it is nice to bring something colourful into your home.


An easy and instant way of doing this is by adding a few flowers into your home.

This week the Gladiolus flower has came back into the shops again.


It is a cheap (£2 for a bunch) and cheerful bunch of flowers that need little to no attention.

I do clean the water every other day - perhaps not necessary but the water starts to look clouded after a day or two which isn’t the prettiest.


It is a beautiful flower in height and even having one in an old wine bottle, looks good.


The flower does not need a fancy vase - it is strong and colourful in itself.

Ikebana Class

If after this you become inspired and wish to do a floral class - why not sign up to our Ikebana class.


Japanese flower arranging is a stunning piece of art. It is only a short 1 hour introduction, but you will leave with a finished piece and lots of new ideas!


The class is held on Monday the 28th of September at 12:30.


You can sign up at: or via: 07525195239

We would love to see your flower arrangements - if you can, send us a photo!

Colorful Pattern

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