Activity 50:  Needle Felting a Painting

Needle felting is a fantastic activity to get hooked on. It is quick and colourful.



  • A Felting Needle

  • A Foam Pad

  • Felting Wool (Merino Top Wool)

  • A Piece of Felt

Step 1.


Pop your piece of felt (your desired size of painting) onto the foam pad.

Step 2.


Start to fleece out your wool, very thin layers work best.

Step 3.

Place a strand of wool where you would like to begin. The wool is like a brushstroke - you will see where and how you placed the wool. You need to be aware of that, to use it to your advantage.

Step 4.

The needle felting technique is simply pricking your needle into the wool. You need to make sure to prick the needle in upright, in order for it not to snap.

Step 5.


Start pricking the wool into the felt and foam. Keep repeating this pattern.


Step 6.


Now peal your wool felt off the foam pad. And turn it around. The top is not the bottom (don’t flip it over).


Step 7.


Start pricking it now again.


Step 8.


Keep adding thin layers of wool. And pricking it again.


Step 9.


You can add shapes on it by sculpting the wool with your hands, again then pricking it.


Step 10.


Keep pealing off the wool painting from the foam pad.

Step 11.


You are done once you do not see any of the initial felt anymore.


Step 12.


They make beautiful gifts once framed - give it a try. 😊


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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