Activity 52:  Outdoor Arts

The outdoor art class is a class in which we focus on our senses, immerse our senses.

We want to learn how to utilize our senses to help us understand nature and ourselves. 

You are shown different techniques in line with the outdoors.

One of the techniques we are doing today is hatching.


You can do this too, by walking to your local park or simply opening up a window. With hatching we are going to immerse ourselves in the sense of sound.


We are going to listen to the rustling sound of the leaves in the trees and replicate that in your hatching. The hatching technique is simply using short, consistent lines in the same direction initially. You can do this with any pencil or charcoal you have. Pencil is less messy.

Now listen to the trees, which direction is the sound going in? Follow that direction with your pencil and keep following it for a few minutes to get the experience.


Now start to work on these hatching drawings by listening to another tree or more likely set of trees and hatch into the other direction.


Be aware of the difference this makes. You can keep working on this until you gradually start to see a picture in the light and darkness of the hatching - now continue to work on that form by hatching it stronger (putting more pressure onto your pencil).

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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