Activity 56: Felt Leaf Magnet

To continue our seasonal table: we have autumnal leaf packs that can be collected at Gallery 966.

These packs can be made in 2 different ways and I will also show you what you could also make based on the leaf.


A Leaf Collection Pack from Gallery 966

If you want to make this using your own materials, you will need:

  • Felt in Leaf Colours

  • Wooden Leaf Shape

  • Glue or Thread to Sew

  • A Magnet

  • Beads / Glitter Pieces


Trace your wooden leaf onto the felt.

Cut it out smaller (or precisely if you wish not to see the wood)

Glue or sew the felt leaves together.

Now glue your glitter/ diamonds on with the super glue.

You may like to make another 2 layers of felt leaf - smaller each time.

Once dry on the back of your wooden leaf; stick on your magnet.

You may also wish to use the leaf template and make your own autumnal garland (see photo).

If you make this, please send us a photo - we would love to see!

Colorful Pattern

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