Activity 59: Walnut Toadstool

Continue with our Autumn crafting series by creating a lovely wee toadstool using a walnut shell. A beautiful decoration!

You will need:

  • A shell of half a walnut

  • Red and white acrylic paint (home bargains)

  • A small stick

  • A disc of wood or flat stone

  • Some moss

  • Superglue or glue gun

What to do:

  1. Crack a walnut open and try to have a full half shell.

  2. Glue the small stick onto the wooden disc/ flat stone

  3. Paint the walnut shell red on the top.

  4. Once dry, paint little white dots onto the red walnut shell.

  5. Once that is dry, glue the inside of the walnut shell onto the small stick.

  6. Now add the moss onto the wooden disc or flat stone.

  7. You can make several of these to add to your seasonal table.

If you make one of these, please send us a photo!