Activity 6: Watercolour Painting

This activity looks at how to make beautiful abstract colour prints, using paint and water. This not only gives us a great sense of giving the paint control over where it goes and how it mixes, but also enables us to get a different result each time.



  • Paper

  • Water

  • A Sponge

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush



Step 1.


Place your paper on the table or on a painting board.

Get a bowl of water and pop your small sponge into the water, soak it and squeeze it out onto the paper. Alternatively, wet the paper in the sink. With your sponge start spreading the water gently over the paper. When one side is done, turn the paper around and do the other side by again popping your sponge into the water, squeezing it out onto the paper and spreading it gently. Look closely at the paper to see if your paper is shining; if it is- the water job is done. If you see some dry patches of paper just squeeze a little water over it again.

Step 2.

Put a small amount (tip of a teaspoon) of paint in a jar and add water (little or more depending on the colour intensity you are looking for), start mixing with your paintbrush. You are now ready to paint.


Step 3.

The water will flow off the paper, the idea with this technique is to let go of anything you cannot control - the paint will do its own thing - let it. Let go.


Enjoy the colours on the paper - enjoy the transitions.


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!