Activity 61:  Pumpkin Carving - Three Ideas

In this week’s blog you will find several pumpkin carving ideas, ranging from actual carved to semi carved and non carved ones.


Give it a try. 

You could add your pumpkin to an autumn themed display - click here to read a blog post about how to put this together. 

Full Pumpkin Carving:

You Will Need:

  • A pumpkin

  • A pumpkin carving set, or sharp knife.

  • A spoon

  • A design, ideally on ‘plastic paper’ or if on normal paper- remember to fold parts over in order to neatly go round the pumpkin.

  • A bowl for the pumpkin pulp (which can be used for the lovely pumpkin soup recipe!)

  • A bowl for the seed (which can be dried and used for the birdseed activity on last week’s blog!)

What To Do:

  1. Cut out the top of the pumpkin first.

  2. Carve out the seeds and some of the flesh with your scooper.

  3. Now pin your template onto the pumpkin. My pumpkin was too small - so keep that in mind when buying your pumpkin!

  4. Start pricking the template into the pumpkin. This will become your carving line.

  5. Once finished pricking, take the paper template off.

  6. Now start carving with your carving knife- neatly around the holes.

  7. Gently push out the carved parts.

  8. Pop your little tea light into it and admire your work!

  9. You can make pumpkin soup from the flesh (recipe is in your postal pack).

  10. You can let the seeds dry out and fry them in a pan with some seasalt and a little oil - a lovely healthy snack.

Semi Pumpkin Carving:

You Will Need:

  • A Pumpkin

  • A Wood Carving Set

What To Do:

This is a lovely way to be creative.

As you can see all I have done is gently carve out thin and thick lines (thin by using little pressure, thick by using more pressure).

I am going for a spiderweb theme and will super glue a spider onto the top to finish it off!

Non Carved Pumpkin:

You Will Need:

  • A Pumpkin - a white one works particularly well for this.

  • A tube of henna or paint pens. Or I used blood bling stickers! Any bling stickers will work beautifully.

What To Do:

A gorgeous way to carve a pumpkin without any dirty hand, smells or mess.

Simply add the blingy stickers in which ever way you would like.

I could have made the blood stickers more effective by having them drip down one side. But I opted for the pretty version instead 😊.

If you make one of these, please send us a photo!

Colorful Pattern

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