Activity 63:  Winter Gardening - Plant Some Bulbs!


With winter gradually creeping up on us, we can embrace the beauty and rest that winter brings us. Now is the time to plant those bulbs that have yet not made it in the ground - they need the rest, the comfort of the soil to prepare their arrival in spring.

I was given these lovely daffodil and tulip bulbs back in August - I have only just gotten round to planting them and will bring you on a wee tour of this process.

I am planting them on my balcony and some even indoors in a pot (I’ll let you know how that pans out!).

The moral is: you don’t need a garden to do a bit of gardening.

Step by step guide:

Look at your bulb - the bottom will be flatter and have some roots already on it. The top will be pointier and potentially a little green point if like me- you’ve left it a little late (not to worry!).


​Make a hole in your soil, about a finger deep (middle finger to give your bulb more time to grow).


Add a little water into the hole if it feels dry.


Place your bulb into the hole with the pointed bit to the top.


Cover your bulb with plenty of soil.


Mother nature will now take over and if you keep observing- before you know it you will see little green buds sprouting up!

Ps. Come and collect a bulb or two from our collection pack - you will get everything you need in there to give this blog post a try.

If you try bulb planting, please send us a photo!