Activity 66:  Bling Wall Hanging

We tried this in one of our online classes, with lovely results. We still have materials packs available to collect!


You Will Need: 

  • A nice piece of dried wood

  • Wire

  • Thread

  • Accessories which can range from bling beads to xmas decorations

  • Scissors

Step by step guide:

Find the right balance to keep your wood upright with a piece of thread.

You can tie the bling on a single piece of thread or as shown on the photos- double - this will create a triangle hanging shape.

Tie the thread in a knot on either end of the wood.

Now add some bling or accessories to the wood. You will need the wire to attach it securely (as shown in the photo) to the wood.

Add your bling on the same colour of thread. Decide if you want all your bling to be on the same length or not.

Hang it up on the wall and change it to the seasons - you can keep it up all year round!

If you make one of these, please send us a photo!

Take a look at our gallery page to see some amazing examples made by the participants of our online class.

Colorful Pattern

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