Activity 67: Paper Bunting

Bunting have certainly made a comeback these last years. You can opt to buy them in store, make them at home or even better make them at home in a zoom class!


You Will Need: 

  1. Any pieces of paper, cardboard, wood or fabric.

  2. A basic diy craft kit: scissors, ribbon or string, glue or tape, a ruler, a pencil and if you have a hole punch; grand!

How to get started:


Here are some examples for home made bunting, simply made out of brightly coloured bits of paper.


Bunting would normally only be around for birthdays, but sometimes you have to throw a party regardless the occasion. In the zoom class we will be making bunting with wooden stars, but if you didn’t manage to get a collection pack for this - not to worry! We’ll be showing different examples of bunting.


Remember the lace bunting we did in a blog a few months ago? Whatever materials you have lying around the house - we can make it into gorgeous bunting 😉

If you make one of these, please send us a photo!