Activity 7: Drawing Spring

Creativity and nature are a great pairing. Over the last few years, you have all made some amazing spring crafts with Vanessa such as wreaths, paper flowers and plant pots. This activity looks at how to start sketching using nature as a reference, with the aim of providing calm and positive wellbeing.



  • Paper

  • Pencils - Sketching and Colour

  • Inspiration from Nature: a Photo or Clipping

Step 1.


Go outside and observe spring unveiling itself in the trees, the blossoms are starting to grow and little buds are appearing everywhere. Take up close photos of this. If you can’t take photos you could either draw outside or alternatively pull a bit off a tree.

Step 2.

We are going to draw - it does not matter if you ‘can’ draw or not - it is all about observation. Observation is key in drawing but also key in keeping up your mental health wellbeing. You will notice your breathing will calm down and you will be focused on the here and now. It is important to keep observing your greenery and coming back to your drawing - keep looking and stay focused. Follow the strict observation rules; where is the light, where is the darkness, what lines do I see? Keep coming back to those questions over and over - it will bring calmness and focus.

Step 3.

Once you have created the basis of your drawing by answering those questions - feel free to be as colourful as you would like now. Pink and purple leaves can bring joy, if so, use them. Just keep holding onto your light and darkness and you will have created a spring drawing – and relaxed yourself in the process.


If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!