Activity 72:   Decoupage Cards

What a joy to make! And they turn out brilliantly!

We still have a few packs remaining at Gallery 966. ​

You Will Need: 

  • A decoupage 3D card making kit ( you can buy them in a book form too).

  • Scissors if not pre-cut.

  • Double sided tape.

  • A nice blank card and envelope.

Step by step guide:

Follow the numbers by cutting out number 1 first.

Stick this onto the card with the double sided tape (or stick it onto the original picture if you have that).

Then add number 2 on the picture it needs to be, for instance a face on top of another face.

Think of it as a puzzle which you need to lay on top of the original picture of the puzzle.

Keep sticking each piece on with the double sided tape.

Once you have done the last picture you need to stick the whole picture onto the card with the double sided tape. It’s as easy as that!

If you make one of these, please send us a photo!

Colorful Pattern

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