Activity 75:   Festive Paper Star

If you are looking for a beautiful decoration to hang up in your home, this lovely paper star is a perfect craft to try.

You Will Need: 

  • 6 Square Pieces of Paper

  • Glue Stick or Double Sided Tape

  • A Piece of String

  • Scissors

Step by step guide:

Make 6 pieces of square paper.

Fold each piece of paper in half diagonally, to make a triangle.

Fold each triangle in half, in order for each corner to meet.

Now hold your mini triangle so that the closed side is at the top, and cut into the 2 folded parts as shown on the photo. You’ll soon realise if you cut it the wrong way around.

Cut a straight line until 0.5 cm of the closed off side.

Cut another straight line approx. 0.5 cm next to the first one - continue until you get 0.5 cm from the corner.

Now open up your triangle - it should look like the photo.

Attach each matching corner onto each other - but alter each time by glue the two points together on one side and then onto the other side.

Now you have finished one part of the star. Repeat this 6x.

Add each star segment together with double sided tape or a glue stick.

Once you have glued each segment together you can add a little hole into one of the segments to allow you to attach the string.

Hang up your gorgeous star!

If you make one of these, please send us a photo!

Colorful Pattern

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