Activity 77:   Pom Pom Making

Pom Poms are a fun and relaxing craft that you can make many of!

You Will Need: 

  • 2 pieces of thin cardboard to cut the donut shapes out of.

  • Wool or string of your choice.

  • Scissors.

  • Pencil.

  • A glass.

Colorful Pompoms

Step by step guide:


Place the glass on the cardboard and trace the circle around it. Do this on both pieces of cardboard. Now find a smaller glass to make a smaller circle in the middle of both cardboards. Cut out the donut shape created on each cardboard.

Colorful Pompoms

If you find your wool to have finished and you need to add another colour or start a new piece of wool - simply wrap it around securely and again - do not use knots.


Place the two cardboard donuts together and start wrapping the wool around it - do not make a knot - simply wrap around the cardboard donuts to hold the wool in place.


Once your pompom hole is filled up, leave a longer piece of wool at the end and cut it off.


Wrap the wool around evenly and keep wrapping until the hole in the middle of the doughnut is closing in.


Now start finding the original cardboard (as shown in photo).


Start cutting IN BETWEEN both cardboards, WHILST HOLDING the wool on both sides.


You can add the longer piece of wool and use this to secure the cut wool stays in place.


Once fully cut wrap the long piece of wool around the whole middle of the pompom (see photo) and then add a double knot to secure it tightly.


Now you can hang up your pompom - OR you could make a bundle of pompoms and use it for our class POMPOM WREATH CLASS on the 25th of February and 4th of March - click here for our new online class booklet.

If you make a Pom Pom, please send us a photo!