Activity 78:   Creating New Life - Succulents! 

If you have any succulents in your home, propagating them is not only a healthy thing to do for them - it is also great for your wellbeing by creating a new plant and giving it a new life.


A few years ago we propagated some succulents in soil - this time we are looking at using only water and then planting them over into the soil. This way we will get to observe the whole process.

You Will Need: 

  • An empty clear glass bottle (we need the bottle neck to help balance the succulent leaf).

  • A succulent leaf.

  • Water


Step by step guide:


Cut off the succulent leaf at the part where it grew out of the stem.


Fill your clear glass bottle with water - right to the top.


Place your succulent leaf in to the bottle with the cut off part into the water.


Observe it over the next few days and coming weeks to see the roots grow.

Once the roots are clearly visible (dangling) then replant the succulent into a pot with soil.


If you try this, please send us a photo!