Activity 8: Decoupage Summer Jar

Celebrate the beautiful sunshine that we have at the moment by creating a beautiful summer light following Vanessa's tutorial. This can brighten up a room or make a wonderful gift to give to someone.



  • A glass jar: save one that would have gone in the recycling bin!

  • Tissue paper or napkins

  • PVA glue or similar

  • Scissors

  • A Paintbrush


What to do:

Step 1.


Gather all your materials: PVA glue (or wallpaper paste), a paintbrush, patterned napkins and a glass jar.

Step 2.

Open up the napkin and take any extra layers (back layers) off the main patterned one.

If your napkin has the dotted holes (like we discussed at the candle decorating session in Gallery 966) cut the rims off the napkin.

Step 3.

Cut the napkin into strips.

Step 4.

Paste the glue all over the outside of the jar.

Step 5.


Apply the napkin onto the jar. It will wrinkle - do not worry.

Step 6.

Apply more glue paste over the napkin. Now let it dry.


Step 7.

Once dried, apply a little ribbon around the jar if you wish and perhaps a little plastic LED light to allow all the colours to shine through. You might like to place it in your sunny staycation spot?

If you make one of these, please send us a photo - we would love to see!