Activity 84:   Bright Rain Clouds

This week we are offering a little insight into what you can expect from our new post service for general crafting packs. One of the activities is this lovely felt sewn raincloud by Lex&Liv. It has been adapted to bright colours and simplified by only creating 1 cloud and 3 raindrops. It can be hung up with a little thread against a wall to brighten up even the rainy days.

You Will Need: 

  • Template (or draw your own)

  • Felt

  • Thread and Needle

  • Stuffing

  • Thread to hang it up from


Step by step guide:


Cut out the template.


Add the stuffing and sew the cloud closed.


Trace the template onto the felt and cut out.


Sew the invisible thread onto the rain drops and sew them onto the cloud.


Sew the cloud together and leave a gap to add the stuffing.

Cloud Final.png

Attach some invisible thread or coloured thread to hang up the cloud onto a place you fancy.

If you make a Cloud, please send us a photo!