Activity 88:   Wool Egg Cosy

We made this project together in one of our online classes - you can see some lovely examples from class participants on our gallery page.


We have some class packs remaining, so get in touch if you want one sent out.

You Will Need: 

  • Wool

  • Scissors

  • An empty toilet roll


Step by step guide:


Cut approx. 100, 30cm pieces of wool.


Repeat the looping process until the full 1.5 cm roll is full.


Cut the toilet roll into a 1.5cm roll.


Fold each piece of wool double.

Now loop it as shown on the photo.


Now gently hold all the pieces of wool together and put a piece of wool around it to keep it in place.

Cut the top part of the wool off, leaving you with a nice looking hat.

If you make an Egg Cosy, please send us a photo!