• Tina

A Festive Message from Tina!

Hi lovely friends,

Well, what can we say about the past year!!! I think we are all looking forward to putting it in the bin and moving on.

I’m so sorry it has affected all the groups and I cannot imagine 966 without you all around the table. I know Amy has been fantastic keeping everyone involved with the online crafts and blogs and with Vanessa and Morag it makes a great team. It does not feel like a year has gone by. Sometimes it feels like last week I was seeing all your faces coming through the door, or arriving to puddles of water and another flood from above!!

You know, nobody does Xmas like Glasgow! Very few lights in the streets here. Probably because electricity is so expensive and Spain would go bankrupt if it looked like George Square or Buchanan Street!

Some places are festive so we have booked a lovely place for Xmas Eve. It’s called The Harbour and overlooks the boats from a lovely terrace where a giant Santa is sitting in one of the seats just now. (In the sunshine lol) Looking forward to that as our Xmas treat. And maybe a cocktail or three with the turkey?

So, the past year has not quite been the year we imagined, but whose has, and we can only feel grateful to have avoided the virus. A year in a few words - there has been the good, the bad and the ugly …

THE GOOD: Sunny skies amazing, paperwork all done allowing us to stay, managed to visit lots of lovely places like Ronda scarily high in the mountains, Malaga City fantastic cathedrals, lots of white washed villages with streets too narrow for cars, and lots of eating outside (too much). And not needing an alarm!

THE BAD: Locked up for 2 months no walks allowed, curfews and police patrols, bulldozers on the land backing onto our house, left all alone in an empty street when everyone left due to virus. But David could play his guitar as loud as he wanted to lol.

THE UGLY: Been in more hospitals this year than my entire life! Nothing serious all ok but a bit of a challenge when you don’t speak Spanish yet and can’t read any notes they give you! You don’t see that in A Place in the Sun!

Right now, we are surrounded by packed boxes as we are moving to another area of Spain in a few weeks. We are moving to a place called Moraira which is 7 hours from here but we have been before and thought it was lovely. We had hoped to visit a few times before moving there but Covid stopped that so on the 11th January we move and hope year 2 gets off to a fresh start.

I really hope it is a better start for everyone and that you are soon back at the groups. It will feel amazing as there is nothing like a friendly face and a hug. If things open up again maybe I will make it back to the UK next year. Miss your chats lots and stay safe and look after yourself.

Just have the best Christmas possible, or forget about it, do whatever you want. And hoping 2021 brings good things to you.

PS I can still get a Greggs sausage roll here – from Iceland!!! That’s a good thing.

Lots of love, Tina xx