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Art for Healing: New Blog Tutorials

Keeping ourselves mentally well and physically healthy is vitally important - now more than ever. Boosting our immune systems can positively impact both of these factors: and is therefore our theme of the week.

In our first blog tutorial, Vanessa is challenging you to do something slightly different to the usual crafting exercise by thinking more deeply about art itself the potential healing benefits it can hold. Referencing her own university research project, she poses a number of questions to you so that you can carry out your own investigation into a piece of art that has meaning to you.

Read more here.

Following this, why not try crafting a relaxing Lavender Rice Cushion to promote calming and comfort. We have provided a list of materials and full instructions, however we also have a materials crafting pack made up here at Gallery 966 for you to collect, which contains everything that you need to give it a try. These both look lovely when made and smell fantastic thanks to the infusion of lavender.

Read the tutorial here.

We hope that you find these activities calming and healing. If you can, please send us a photo of anything you make.

Colorful Pattern

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