• Amy Errington

Baking and Bracelets: New Blog Tutorials

In our activities section, you will find two new tutorials to try this week.

The first is an amazing looking cupcake tutorial. Vanessa has researched and written about two ways of melting sugar to create decorating items to make your cupcakes look incredible.

I have seen some of the wonderful creations you have made in Vanessa's previous cupcake decorating classes, so know that you will all be able to make something amazing if you give it a try.

Of course, one of the best parts of this craft is getting to eat it after! Though you could always give it as a gift and make someone very happy.

Click here to see the full tutorial.

In our second tutorial, Vanessa will show you how to weave together strips of paper to create a bracelet design. This looks intricate, but the step by step guide sets out clearly how to put this together.

You could be as creative as you wanted with this task - perhaps finding some coloured paper to use, or decorating the paper first before you start to cut it up. You could also try to incorporate recycling and reusing elements by cutting up old magazines with a pattern you like.

As well as being a bracelet, you could use this as a wee decoration for your home, or string a few together to make a garland.

Click here to see the tutorial.

We would love to see what you create based on these tutorials. If you can, please send us a photo!