• Amy Errington

Bling up your Walls! Bunting and Wood Hanging Blog Tutorials

We are looking at how to give our walls a bit of colour and sparkle in our two new blog tutorials for this week.

In the first, Vanessa will show you how to put together a Bling Wall Hanging, using driftwood and glittery accessories. This is something that we did together in an online class, with wonderful results (take a look at our Gallery for inspiration).

We have packs of the materials at Gallery 966, which you can collect once we reopen, or you can use things you find at home.

These can be adapted throughout the year: perhaps some bright flowers for spring, orange leaves for autumn and seasonal decorations for December?

Click here for the tutorial.

Next, Vanessa will provide inspiration for getting started with your own paper bunting. As she describes, there are so many uses and occasions for bunting and you can be as creative as you want with what you design. Why not use up old magazines or cards to get started?

Click here to read more.

Enjoy your crafting!