• Amy Errington

Breathe! Vanessa's Tips for Wellbeing

A resource which I think is good for people to know about is this shape to help you regulate your breathing.

  • By regulating your breathing, you calm your body and mind. When we watch too much news we either forget to breath or hold our breath too much; limit the amount of new information or have set times to watch the news.

  • Try to keep yourself occupied throughout the day with a range of different activities. Start a puzzle (don’t finish it, just keep coming back to it), read a magazine or book and plant a few seeds.

  • Do little things.

  • But start to create a routine for yourself, this will give you some calmness. Routines are just like breathing, it’s a rhythm and rhythms have a soothing quality we need at this point in time.

Spring is here! Look out for the buds that are gradually appearing everywhere. Listen to the birds and take in the sun, use all your senses to take it in. Hopefully this will inspire you to create, bake or dance!