• Amy Errington

Brooches and Beads: New Blog Tutorials

Our two new tutorials for this week are both crafting projects that you can wear to add a bit of colour and cheer!

First, we will look at how to make a pretty felt flower brooch. We tried this activity in one of our online classes today.

You can adapt these however you like - change the colours, leaf patterns or even by making them decorations rather than a brooch.

To take this further, you could embroider the felt first before sewing it together.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Next, we will look at one of the crafts we have available in our general crafting packs - Message in a Bottle Necklaces. Once our pack collection drop in reopens, pick one up! Those of you who receive our craft boxes by post will have the materials for this already.

This pretty little necklace can be filled with positive wishes and decorated in whatever style you want.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Happy crafting!