• Amy Errington

Celebrate the Change of Seasons: Post Pack 22

Continuing from our summer theme of last week, we are now thinking about the change of the seasons as we move into autumn. The harvest time gives us a great excuse to reconnect with nature and be creative with what we find.

Inside your pack this week you will find:

  • Wellbeing: An article about bringing calm through humming and a page of mini harvest themed motivations to cheer us up.

  • Health: Two autumn themed recipes for fruit that we can harvest - apple pie and jam - and an introduction to basket weaving with guidance on how this can also be good exercise.

  • Creativity: A knitting pattern for a mug cosy, inspiration for a gathering apron and three colouring pages.

Within this pack, you will also have received a wee letter asking you to get in touch with us if you want to continue to receive our post packs. We enjoy sending them out, so if you want to continue to get them please let us know by the end of the day on Wednesday.

We would love to see a photo of anything you make. You can contact us using these details.