• Amy Errington

Clouds and Colouring: New Blog Tutorials

Our two new creative projects for this week are inspired by the outdoors - a wonderful source of inspiration for crafting.

Our first activity will show you how to craft a cute little hanging cloud.

These look great in a window or would be a lovely little gift to send through the post to cheer someone up.

This sewing project is one of the mini craft kits which will be included in our first materials crafting pack.

Click here to read more.

Next, we are celebrating the calming effect of colouring by looking into 'green' drawings in more detail. Vanessa will show you how to blend additional colours, such as blue and yellow, in order to add depth and to covey light through your image.

If you don't have any colouring pages, you could sketch an image when out for a walk.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Happy crafting!