• Amy Errington

Get Involved! Winter Window Display Craft Project

Over the next few weeks, we are putting together a new winter themed display to decorate the windows of Gallery 966. This is both to continue with the tradition we started last year, and also so that we can take part in the Govan Winter Wanderland event, planned for the 16th December.

Get Involved!

We would love to include as many craft pieces made by our amazing participants as we can.

We are looking for crafts that sparkle and glitter, so that they shine and reflect the lights we are putting in the window.

This can be anything that fits in with the winter theme. From our recent collection packs, some inspiration to get you started may found in:

  • The Sequin Star Pack

  • The Pin Sequin Spheres Pack

  • The Glitter Tealight Holder Pack

If you want to take part:

Get busy crafting at home!

Please drop off your craft project to us during our pack collection times on Wednesday 16th December (from 10:00 - 12:00).

Thank you for your help!