• Amy Errington

Combining Crafts: Create Something New

One of the great things about being creative is how open everything is to interpretation and adaption to suit your own style. We have really enjoyed seeing all of your photos over the past few weeks, giving us an insight into how people approach tasks in different ways. In particular, it has been inspiring to see people combining ideas or taking something further than what is listed in the tutorial to make it their own.

For inspiration, take a look at our gallery page. Photos like the wall garland, made up of colouring pages, and the decoupage jar, which has been adapted to hold flowers rather than a light, are great examples of this.

Based on our two online tutorials published last week - crayon melting and watercolour doodling - Vanessa has combined the two to come up with a new idea. The crayon melting makes a colourful and fun border for other paper based crafting activities

The line doodling, from activity 22, has been added to the middle. This works really well with the coloured dots. It is also a really calming thing to do, and doesn't require many materials.

We think this would be a great way of decorating cards, or you could use it to create inspiring posters to add colour to your home.

If you would like an extra challenge, why don't you try combining ideas together to create your own crafting project - or see if you can come up with an idea yourself. If you do, we would love to see what you make.